Oboulo is the editor for 6 educational websites: rapport-de-stage.com, doc-du-juriste.com, etudes-et-analyses.com, mystudies.com, pimido.com and its English version oboolo.com. Founded in 2000, Oboulo specialises in the acquisition and sharing of academic documents. The creation of efficient tools allows the online publishing of quality content. Oboulo has notably developed one of the most powerful plagiarism verification software on the market.

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To ensure the quality of its content, Oboulo is innovative and constantly reinventing itself.


Oboulo is committed to research and development and evolves every day to stay ahead of the market and offer the best technology to customers and contributors.

Plagiarism verification

Oboulo has developed one of the most powerful plagiarism screening tools on the market.


PHP, Ruby on Rails and more... Oboulo is constantly evolving to stay at the cutting edge of technology.


The documents published on Oboulo's sites allow their editors to receive royalties. Each month several thousand contributors are paid.


Oboulo’s has international teams that work either from home or in a shared workspace.

Topics on demand

Recently Oboulo has been offering an on-demand writing service. Students and professionals can ask for help in writing and proofing documents.


Oboulo.com is always on the look out for new talent.

Experienced or junior PHP developers, RoR developers, SEO experts… Oboulo is continuously recruiting. Oboulo has a culture of working from home and recruits all over the world. We have been working side by side with a technical team, based in India, since 2007. Our project managers are located in France and Switzerland.

Don’t let your location stop you, send us your application now, in order for us to review it.

For some positions recruitment is done through technical and logical tests. Proofreaders do not necessarily look for the exact answer, but rather focus on the ingenuity of the answer, and the candidate’s ability to find a solution to a given problem.

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